Brake System Repairs Newcastle

It goes without saying, a car’s braking system is one of the most critical elements on the vehicle. Things like heat, road debris, old brake fluid, and even rain, can severely reduce your cars ability to stop safely. All these things can compromise your braking performance without you even realising it.

So, if your brake pedal seems a little closer to the floor than it used to be, if it’s time for a new set of pads. Or if your safety is being jeopardised by bad brakes, then why not book your next brake service or repair in with one of our fully qualified technicians at Green Bean Auto.

Your brakes. How do they work exactly?

If you know how the brakes on a pushbike work, then you’re halfway there! However, your car brakes function with a few more systems working in sync, such as; the mechanical, vacuum, hydraulic and friction systems.

As you apply pressure to your brake pedal, the pressure gets amplified through the car’s vacuum system and a plunger (piston) is pushed within the master cylinder.

This action then pushes brake fluid through small pipes to each of your car’s brakes, applying a clamping force through the calipers to the brake pads. It is this clamping action that squeezes and slows the rotating brake disks and the wheels they are attached to – bringing you and your car to a smooth and safe stop. Ahhhh!