Clutch and Transmission Repairs Newcastle

If you suspect that your clutch or transmission has its head in the clouds when it should be getting down to business, then do read on.

Old transmission oil, parts well past their use-by date, towing, and even frequent stop-start driving can lead to less-than-optimal performance from your manual or auto transmission. Thankfully many of these things are an easy fix here at Green Bean Auto.

So, if you’re experiencing poor fuel economy, difficulty selecting or staying in gear, or if there’s a burning smell coming from the car… (yikes!), then why not book your next clutch or transmission service with one of our fully qualified technicians at Green Bean Auto?

Your Clutch. How does it work exactly?

The clutch on your manual gearbox transfers the power from the engine to the rest of your car’s drivetrain (gearbox, tail-shaft, differential and CV joints, that is). It is then the job of the drivetrain to convert this power into moving your car down the road.

The clutch assembly is controlled by a cable or hydraulic system which functions by grabbing and locking the flywheel (metal disc) when your foot is off the clutch pedal. It also functions by slipping and releasing the flywheel when your foot is on the clutch. In other words, when your foot off the clutch it will transmit the engine’s power to the drivetrain, when your foot presses the clutch, it releases this power.

Your Gearbox. How does it work exactly?

Your gearbox helps to increase the turning speed and power (torque) of your engine, sending it to the wheels of your car.

The speed and torque increase are useful for when the road speed varies, or when your engine requires more power such as, when you’re climbing a hill, towing, or even just taking off from the traffic lights.

Inside a manual gearbox you will find; gear oil, detailed gears, bearings, and linkages that all work in perfect sync when treated and maintained correctly.

Inside an automatic gearbox you will find all of these parts, as well as a pump, a torque converter, multiple sensors, valves, and much, much more. Essentially this means your manual or automatic gearbox is a very complex beast indeed.