Cooling System Repairs Newcastle

The humble cooling system just ain’t so simple anymore. With a variety of sensors, relief valves, and a multitude of different pump and fluid variations, the modern car’s cooling system is a complex beast indeed! Now, if you consider its ability to affect things like your engines reliability and power levels, air-conditioning performance, and even fuel economy, then you can see why keeping your radiator and cooling system in perfect working order is a ‘no brainer’.

So, if you’re concerned about your wallet’s wellbeing at the bowser, costly engine damage, or even sticking to your seat this summer, then book your next cooling system service or repair with one of our fully qualified technicians with Green Bean Auto!

Your cooling system. How does it work exactly?

Well, think of how a small blow heater works. Your cooling system is kind of similar, but instead of pushing hot air around a room, it pulls heat away from your engine.

The cooling system works by pumping a mix of coolant and water through a series of passages and cavities on your engine. The fluid gets hotter as it circulates, it then gets transferred through hoses and a pump to a large radiator which is mounted at the front of your car.

The forward movement of your car and the fan then do their bit to disperse the heat to the atmosphere, keeping your engine’s temperature safe and just right.

So, that’s the engine cooling part covered – but your car’s cooling system isn’t done there. It also warms you up on those cold winter mornings as you turn up the heat dial, blowing warm air into the car’s cabin. It even helps to heat up your car engine when it first starts.
Cool huh!