What’s included in a pre-purchase vehicle inspection?

Buying a pre-loved car can be risky, but it also doesn’t need to be. Green Bean Auto’s pre-purchase car inspections could save you thousands of dollars in repair costs.

The oil looks freshly changed, but would you know if there’s an oil leak deep in the engine or gearbox?

Our pre-purchase vehicle inspections include the following checks:

EngineOiling system, cooling system, engine mounts and auxiliary items (such as belts, pulleys, and accessories) are visually checked for leaks and/or excessive wear.
DrivetrainGearbox, transfer case, selectable 4WD system, tail-shaft/s, and differential are visually checked for leaks and/or excessive
Brake systemBraking system is visually checked for leaks and/or excessive wear.
*This does not include the pad/shoe or disk/drum wear as these are considered serviceable items.
Steering and suspensionLinkages, steering rack/box, bushings, springs, and shock absorbers are visually checked for leaks and/or excessive wear.
Battery and charging systemBattery and alternator health/performance are checked by specialised test equipment.
ExteriorLights, mirrors, and wiper operation are checked.
Mirrors, lights, and windscreen/s are checked for cracks or large stone chips
Accident damageRust/corrosion and unsafe repair jobs are visually checked for.
UndercarriageThe vehicle undercarriage is checked for heavy ground contact, corrosion, and water damage.
Air conditioningAir conditioning system is checked for efficiency (function and temperature).
Interior and cargo areaInterior and cargo areas are checked for their general condition (wear and tear), electrical system function, dials and switches, and seat belt function.
Computerised diagnostic checkThe vehicle’s diagnostic systems are checked for fault codes.
*(pre 2000 vehicles may not have this function).
Road testThe vehicle is test driven to help locate any issues or faults.
*Cars are not driven on freeways.
Tyre conditionTyres (inc. spare) are visually checked for wear, damage, alignment, and tread.
Images of faultsWe provide images of any faults that are immediately visible.
*We are not able to capture images of some engine faults due to their nature and location.

The above will be put into an easy-to-read condition report which is emailed to you the same day as the inspection. If you booked a follow-up phone call in addition to your report, our fully qualified mechanic will call you soon after the inspection is completed. The mechanic will provide you with a verbal overview of what is included in the report and be available to answer any questions.

  • Brake function and lining material, brake drums (limited to what is immediately visible)
  • Brake wheel cylinders
  • Evidence of brake fluid contamination/hydraulic fluid
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) mechanics
  • Meters indicating oil and fuel consumption or the degree of oil and fuel consumption
  • Oil pump strainer to assess sludge build-up
  • Hybrid/Electric car Batteries (start-up battery is checked)
  • Vehicle electrics and electronics
  • Transmission mechanics (internal)
  • Engine cylinder compression
  • Engine/motor mountings
  • Water pump/fan
  • Body water leaks or reason for leaks
  • Camshaft belt/timing belt condition
  • Estimated expiry of the exhaust system, clutch, dual mass flywheels
  • Standard to which repairs or service history have been completed
  • The functionality of audio-visual or entertainment systems including CD, Cassette, TV, DVD, iPod connectivity, sensors, alarm/security devices, satellite navigation systems/GPS
  • Degree of gas emissions
  • Catalytic converters
  • Additional accessories included as a result of the owner’s modifications
  • LPG systems
  • Status of habitation areas of motorhomes or caravans
  • Vehicle’s computer systems, such as trip meter computers, cruise control and any other computer systems

If you would like a detailed inspection of the vehicle’s interior and exterior condition, please let us know at the time of booking.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Jye Hutchison
Jye Hutchison
Extremely helpful and genuine service, went above and beyond expectations. Will be using for all my mechanical needs moving forward.
My car had broken down 2 hrs from home so I was in a jam. My car was not able to be driven to a mechanic and I didn’t have time to wait for days for someone to fit me in. I rang Green Bean Auto to see if they could help. Luke answered my call straight away, diagnosed the issue over the phone, came out promptly with the required parts and fixed the car within 30 mins. Green Been Auto provides a friendly, professional service without any hidden costs or charges. Everything was quoted upfront and it could not have been an easier and more painless experience to get my car fixed. I would use Green Bean Auto again in a heartbeat and would happy recommend Luke to any friends and family. Thanks Luke!
Aidan Crosbie
Aidan Crosbie
My experience with Luke from Green Bean Auto was incredible! I contacted him to help me with some suspension issues I was having and he was prompt and did an amazing job. I highly recommend Luke for any of your car servicing needs!
Tim Browne
Tim Browne
Very personable, friendly, and extremely trustworthy! I really like how detailed and thorough this business is! Thank you so very much for the past few years, and as long as I live in the area, I will always be using you guys😀
Harry Ritz
Harry Ritz
Luke was great to deal with - excellent service, good communication and trustworthy advice at a very fair price. Highly recommended.
anna garnock
anna garnock
Like was such a friendly, personable mechanic, and his services were swift, professional, informative and real savoy priced. Green Bean Auto Mobile Mechanic is environmentally minded and seeks to adopt sustainable practice across their work. I’d highly recommend!
Brigid Rose
Brigid Rose
I recently had Luke from Green Bean Auto conduct a pre-purchase vehicle inspection as I was purchasing a second-hand 4WD from interstate. I cannot express enough how satisfied I am with the outstanding service provided by this professional and reliable business. They were accommodating with scheduling, which was crucial for me as an interstate buyer. The mobile mechanic arrived at the location on time, equipped with all the necessary tools and expertise. The inspection itself was thorough and comprehensive. The mechanic took the time to meticulously examine every aspect of the 4WD providing me with over 50 photos and a detailed report afterward. What impressed me the most was the turnaround time and honesty – 48hrs since contacting Green Bean the inspection was complete, and report provided. They also didn't just highlight the positive aspects but also pointed out any potential issues, giving me a well-rounded view of the vehicle's condition. Furthermore, the mechanic was patient and willing to answer all my questions, providing valuable insights into the 4WD's maintenance history and future considerations. This level of customer service made me feel confident and informed about my purchase decision. Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Green Bean for anyone in need of a pre-purchase inspection.
Joshua Sheinberg
Joshua Sheinberg
Luke is an outstanding mechanic. He always goes above and beyond at a great price! He is someone with integrity and never ‘over charges’ like others can do. He has been my ‘go to’ mechanic for the past 12 months. Great bloke, Great work, Great service, Great price! Can’t recommend him enough!
Benton Gray
Benton Gray
Thanks Luke for prompt service and outlining urgent repairs needed
Dan C
Dan C
Spoke to Luke regarding a pre purchase inspection that was outside of his service area , wasn’t able to assist me but was super helpful and friendly with what to expect when trying to find an inspector for a car in rural

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