Diagnostics Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

Has diagnosing and repairing your cars’ troubles been an expensive and frustrating experience in the past? Don’t worry, we think you’ll find things are quite different here at Green Bean Auto in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

Thanks to years of experience, some clever detective work, and our ‘in-house’ electronic diagnostic equipment, those costly and timely ‘difficult to find problems’ can be greatly reduced… This means you’ll be back on the road sooner, with more confidence, and with more money left in your pocket. Phew!

So, if you’re tired of worrying about that ticking noise, shudder, or sudden lack of power every time you leave home, then why not book your next diagnostic repair with one of our fully qualified technicians at Green Bean Auto?

What is a computerised diagnostic check?

These days, most modern cars have complex fuel injection systems, automatic transmissions, braking and ignition systems that are controlled by very clever computers. These computers continuously receive data from a series of sensors that help to optimise your cars reliability, fuel consumption and even it’s driving safety. But when one of these sensors reports a problem, your ABS, airbag, DPF or check engine light may come on, meaning it’s time to get a diagnostic test.

A good diagnostic test should inform your mechanic how long the issue has been present, while also letting them know how many times this error has occurred. This helps the mechanic determine if the problem was a ‘one-off’ event or if you have a problematic system that needs further attention.

There are also countless other errors or faults that may occur on your vehicle which are not monitored by a sensor and that won’t display a warning light. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to get an old fashioned ‘once-over’ checkup occasionally. Our Newcastle and Lake Macquarie mobile mechanics will have you back on the roads in no-time at all.