Commercial vehicle pre-purchase inspections

Commercial vehicles are manufactured to be sturdy workhorses. We need them to be reliable so we can get on with doing the work (and making the money, right?). You don’t want a horse that’s been worked to the bone. This will be an unnecessary expense to your business.

Safety is a key factor when purchasing a used commercial car as it’ll be a place of work for you or your staff. Many used commercial vehicles are used for towing and carrying large loads. They also clock up km’s quicker than your average vehicle.

Green Bean Auto’s pre-purchase inspections cover utes, vans and light trucks – as well as any light vehicle you wish to use for commercial purposes.

We thoroughly inspect the whole vehicle, paying particular attention to the drivetrain and brakes. This will determine if the car was subjected to heavy loading or was regularly used for towing. We also check the stowage area for signs of damage due to heavy and unsecured goods. For larger commercial vehicles, we inspect the hydraulic add-ons such as tippers, lifts, and ramps (these must be operated by the seller for our mechanics to oversee the operation).

Having a unreliable car, truck or van for work is a deal breaker (we would know). Our commercial vehicle inspections will ensure your next workhorse is a solid business investment.

Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection Newcastle, Let us look at your car

The timing belt was overdue for repair which will soon require replacement and associated costs.

*Note from a recent pre-purchase inspection report

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With inflation greatly impacting the used commercial car market, additional costs are the last thing your business needs.