Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection

In the market for a new (second-hand) car? It helps to know what you’re buying.

A pre-purchase vehicle inspection is a great way to ensure you’re clear about your next investment. With over 25 years in the automotive industry, our fully qualified mechanics have a sharp eye for detail and hidden faults.

Our service is based in Newcastle, and we’ve saved both local and interstate buyers thousands of dollars on second-hand cars.

Often, a pre-purchase inspection will save someone from buying a vehicle due to expensive repairs. Or it can help our buyers to negotiate a better deal on the car they want.

Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection Newcastle, Let us look at your car

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Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection Newcastle and surrounds

Dodge a lemon, or drop the asking price to offset repair costs

Our pre-purchase car inspections are in-depth mechanical inspections carried out by a fully qualified mechanic. They aim to find any mechanical issues present with the vehicle, along with visible signs of wear and tear, and a review of the service history.

We provide you with a complete condition report so that you can have the confidence to either proceed with the purchase or dodge a costly investment.

The inspections are typically arranged by the prospective buyer. We are a mobile service, so we carry out the inspection onsite at the seller’s home or work (with their consent). The inspections usually take an hour to complete and include a test drive of the vehicle.

Once the inspection is finished, our mechanics will input the results into a report that gets emailed to you on the same day. The report outlines any issues found with the vehicle so that you can make an informed decision on the purchase. A follow-up phone call can be arranged with our mechanics if requested at the time of booking.

To see just how deep we dig on our inspections, click What’s Included?

Not available to view the car in person before others can? Book a pre-purchase inspection and follow up with a deposit to hold the vehicle.