Should I get a pre-purchase vehicle inspection?

It is a great idea to get a pre-purchase inspection before buying a second-hand car. Whether the vehicle is a few years or decades old, a pre-purchase inspection could save you thousands of dollars by finding any faults with the vehicle. You can use the information from our reports to negotiate a suitable price for the car or pass on the purchase (and save money from buying someone else’s mechanical problem).

Green Bean Auto’s pre-purchase inspections suit individuals looking for a new (second-hand) car, as well as those selling one. A detailed mechanical report could be just the thing a seller needs to increase the sale price of their vehicle. Our condition reports are only shared with the person who has booked and paid for the inspection. Green Bean Auto will not share details of the report with any other party.

We carry out pre-purchase inspections at used car yards, auction houses, private sellers, or dealerships. We are happy to partner with any car dealership to help with interstate sales.

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Could you tell if there were signs of head gasket damage on a car you’re looking to buy?

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