How Do I Arrange A Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection?

Once you’ve identified a suitable car, (online or in person) we’d recommend you have a chat with the seller to get some of the details sorted. Such as; Where are they located, is the car the make and model you believe it to be, and if they’re okay with you arranging a pre purchase car inspection.

If the seller is okay with the inspection going ahead, fill out our online booking request and we’ll contact you shortly after either by phone or online (the choice is yours) to get some further details.

“Find the perfect car but can’t find the time to see it? Don’t stress! We’ll do the running around for you”

Following this, we’ll contact the seller and arrange a suitable time to carry out the inspection (The inspection is normally carried out the same day or within 24 hours of the booking being made).

Once the inspection has been booked, payment will need to be made prior to the inspection going ahead. ‘Don’t worry, if you’ve paid for the inspection and you change your mind or the vehicle is sold prior, you’ll receive a full refund within 24 hours. Following this, we’ll carry out the pre purchase car inspection and get the detailed report to you shortly after.