How is a Newcastle Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection Carried Out On Site?

Your pre purchase car inspection starts with one of our fully qualified mechanics arriving at the seller’s home, work, car yard, auction house, or dealership to inspect the vehicle. (There’s no need for you to be onsite. However, you’re more than welcome to attend if you wish).

Once on site your inspector will jack up the car and begin to go through their detailed checklist. Once the checklist, varied condition road test and computerised diagnostic check are complete the mechanic will log the detailed report in our system, which you’ll receive shortly after.

Upon leaving the pre purchase car inspection, the inspector can give you a brief call to discuss their findings if you wish. This may help you to make a quick decision to buy the vehicle or move on to another.

“The question is not – Does it have any faults? But rather, How much will the faults cost to repair?”