How Much Does A Newcastle Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection Cost?

All this chit-chat is nice, but let’s get to the nitty gritty… The price.

  • Small to medium cars such as a Toyota Corolla, Holden Astra or Subaru Liberty $250
  • Large 4WD and commercial vehicles such as a Nissan Navara, Hyundai Santa Fe or Toyota Hiace $275
  • European vehicles regardless of their size $275
  • Luxury and performance vehicles such as Porsche, AMG and‘high-end’ Audi, BMW and Mercedes $325
  • Trucks, busses or campers over 3.5 tonnes $325
  • Additional ‘high detail’ interior and exterior condition report $25
  • Extended travel (30 minutes or more each way) may incur ourextended travel levy of $125 (Please contact us to confirm pricing)

“The type and amount of diagnostic fault codes present is a great concern for the integrity of this vehicle” *

*Note from a recent pre purchase inspection report