How Often Do We Find Issues With Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections?

Unfortunately, most used cars present with at least a couple of faults. Anywhere from mild oil leaks ‘that require no attention at all’ to catastrophic engine issues ‘that will cost tens of thousands to fix’. We’ve seen cars with a couple of faults and those with a fault list as long as your arm. Either or (and thankfully) it took a green bean auto pre purchase car inspection to discover this.

So, what if there are issues found with the vehicle? In some cases, the repairs needed are so severe or expensive that we advise the prospective buyer to walk away from the sale. Darn it, but also phew!

But in some cases, the fault/s are repairable and of no real concern. This gives you the opportunity to haggle or request a price reduction to offset the repair costs. AKA, it gives you a genuine reason to ask the seller to knock off $500, $1,000 or even more from the asking price.

“Mild traces of head gasket sealer in the water suggested a patch-up may have been carried out prior to the sale” *

*Note from a recent pre purchase inspection report