How to check your cars engine oil

Your car’s engine oil is best checked with the engine switched off, at ambient temperature and on flat, level ground.

Firstly start by opening the bonnet, then locate the engine’s dipstick. In most cases, the dipstick will present as a yellow loop found towards the upper por- tion of the engine. If you have difficulty locating your car’s engine oil dipstick then check your owner’s manual.

Once the dipstick is found, slowly extract the dipstick until it has entirely left the tube that houses it, then proceed to wipe the dipstick on a clean, lint-free rag or paper towel. Once clean, reinstall the dipstick all the way until it will go no further back into the tube.

Next, slowly remove the dipstick to not flick to any oil, then inspect the level on the lower portion of the dipstick. The oil should be clearly visible between the high & low marks. (Sometimes displayed as a checkered strip on the dip- stick).

If no oil is showing on the dipstick DO NOT DRIVE OR START THE CAR as engine damage may occur. Instead, please contact Green Bean Auto.
If the engine oil is found to be low (On or below the halfway mark on the dip- stick) proceed by removing the engine oil cap and top up the engine oil 100ml at a time* Repeatedly top up, clean and insert the dipstick until the oil level reaches, but does not exceed the high mark.

Once the correct oil level is met, return the dipstick fully into the tube, and ensure the oil cap is tight and there are no foreign objects left under the bon- net. At this stage, your car is ready to drive again.

*Please refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for the correct engine oil type to be used.